Phosphates: Dish Cleaners or Fish Killers?

Phosphates: Dish Cleaners or Fish Killers?

by News on June 13, 2012

Phosphates harm streams. The Truth About Phosphates

You may have a plant and fish killer in your house. Not in the garage next to the insecticides or in the shed with the fertilizers. Check under your sink. They’re phosphates-—a common ingredient in dishwasher detergents.

Phosphates have been helping us clean our dishes for years. They soften the water a dishwasher washes with, making the surfactants more effective at loosening and lifting away dirt and grime. They’ve been the choice of dishwasher detergent makers for many years because they’re cheap and effective.

Environmentally, however, phosphates aren’t a good choice at all. They aren’t finished when they’ve softened the water inside your dishwasher. Once your dishwasher drains, those phosphates find their way into the waterways. That’s where they do their damage.

When phosphates get into a river or lake, they can cause eutrophication—excess algae growth in the water. That algae eventually dies and begins decomposing. The algae’s decomposition process depletes the oxygen in the water, leaving zones with little to no oxygen. That in turn leads to the death of fish and other animal and plant life, upsetting the delicate ecological balance underwater.

What’s the best solution? Find a dishwasher detergent that gives your dishes the spotless clean you want without using chemicals that can harm the safety of your home and the environment—a detergent like Diamond Brite. It uses naturally derived, biodegradable water softeners to boost the power of its cleaning agents, causing less wear and buildup in your dishwasher and minimizing the impact on the environment.

It’s a solution worth sharing.

Our waterways have enough challenges without having to fuss with phosphates.

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