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Membership Questions & Answers

Question #1 Is Girlfriends Galore on Facebook?

Answer: Yes! Like our Page  https://www.facebook.com/girlfriendsgalore

Join over 2500 other ladies in our facebook open group.


If you are a member join our exclusive members group.


Search Girlfriends Galore group. Once you are added by the administration, introduce yourself and let us know what you do! PLEASE add your girlfriends to our group as well!

*How to add members to the Group
1. click on the “add friends to group”
2. type in your friends name
3. click add * In order to add someone to the group, they need to be your friend on facebook.

Question #2 What if I do not have a business? Can I still join or is the club just for business women only?

Answer: Yes! you can still join. Girlfriends Galore is different. We are a national club connecting women together for fun and friendship. We are so much MORE than just a social group. We are NOT a networking group. We are about personal growth, business development and support. We focus on enhancing women’s lives and building long lasting relationships. We are about positive lifestyle changes, and positive people.

Question #3 Can I attend a Girlfriends Galore event without becoming a member?

Answer: Yes! You may attend any non-exclusive Girlfriends Galore events. Once you have become a member you may attend any of the Girlfriend Galore events.

Question #4 Is my membership refundable?

Answer: No, By Signing the membership agreement you are acknowledging that Girlfriends Galore reserves the right to discontinue membership at any time for any reason, understands that you may decide to withdraw as a member of Girlfriends Galore at any time and the membership payment is non refundable.

Question #5 What is the age range and type of lady in Girlfriends Galore?

Answer: Our club has amazing ladies of all ages ranging from 20’s to 60’s. We have a little bit of everything. Retirees CEOs, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, corporate and at home businesses.

Question #6 Why is there a membership to the club?

Answer: Because GG is membership based, we have found that a paid membership creates stronger memberships and relationships. Members are attending events frequently which allows everyone to get to know each other better and create long lasting relationships.

Question #7  Where does the money go?

Answer: As any business there are overhead expenses, website maintenance design, marketing materials, brochures, graphic design, printing costs, girlfriend getaway and many other expenses which membership and sponsorship help cover.

Question #8 Is Girlfriends Galore on meet up?

Answer: Yes! Please join our groups

AZ www.meetup.com/girlfriendsgalore

MN www.meetup.com/girlfriendsgaloremn

As a member you can post your own events and add member perks for your business.