Business Development and Coaching Level – $299.99 per year

Are you thinking of starting a business? Need help in growing your business? Would you like to brainstorm or bounce ideas around? Or maybe you want to present an opportunity? Need a personalized Media Strategy Session? Access our private rolodex and the GG Expert Panel? if so, then the Business Development & Coaching membership level is for you!

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As a member of Girlfriends Galore you now gain access to a new and large network of people, knowledge,  empowerment and help through our business partners, sponsors, members and our GG expert panel.

GG Expert Panel: This panel is made up of Girlfriends Galore members that own professional businesses and are experts in their fields. As a business development member you have direct access to the panel for advice and their services for free or a deeply discounted price.

Once your membership has been paid and your information has been submitted we will contact you to schedule your Discovery Session. From there your coaching program will start. The coaching is for 1 year of unlimited sessions. You may also participate in our mastermind group and business building conference calls.

Coaching Sessions

Discovery SessionIn depth discovery of your business and or ideas, whether you are just starting a business, looking to grow or expand

Business Analysis Easy to follow outline, complete analysis of your business

Become a Celebrity –  We give you exposure to achieve Celebrity Status – locally, nationally and globally. We position you to create celebrity status for your Personal & Professional Brand. “Be Seen, Be Heard, Be the Buzz & Be a Star!” Learn the secrets to Create Celebrity Status.

Business CoachingStart up or work on your existing business with our team of GG business experts. Full business analysis and target problem areas

Business Plan Design Review and create a business plan

Goal Setting Guide – Use the discovery session to set and reach your goals.  Use our team for accountability.

Let’s Be Basic Marketing Marketing 101, marketing plan checklist, put your passion into action with this step by step guide to marketing your business and creating a custom marketing plan. Who is your target market?

Let’s Be SocialSocial Media Training. Get all your platforms up and running and education on how they work best

Let’s Spread the WordUse Girlfriends Galore to market your business through our website, meet up groups, our blog and social media platforms

Let’s Be Talkative Radio, Print and Television

MaintenancePut systems in place for optimization, CRM and put your business on auto pilot, work on your business not in your business.

NetworkingGroups, etiquette, materials, 30 sec elevator speech, best bang for your buck.

Personal DevelopmentBe inspired, empowered and confident to live your best life!

PROJECT YOU Goal setting guide, learn how to effectively set goals and reach them

Public Speaking Private coaching, toastmasters, webinars, conference calls, free seminars from our sponsors

Secret Sauce Strategy Series What best suits your business and industry

TaxesAre you filing correctly, write offs, hiring a book keeper and accounting questions.

Video Creation –  For your website, email marketing campaign, You-tube

What’s My Brand? Brand Alignment Strategy Plan, We will review your current Branding – Landing – Launching and further explore how we may build additional credibility and visibility for your brand. Also discover your brand archetype

WebsiteWe will help you create a website if you need one, review your current site for areas of improvement, maintenance of your site.

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DISCLAIMER *** Once you join Girlfriends Galore as a member, the membership is good for 1 year from the application date and non-refundable.  Girlfriends Galore is subject to close at anytime.