thumb_221536122 Great variation of women and yes I love the group. 

— Olga Sikes 

thumb_228053332 fun and no pressure like some networking only groups. This is just about meeting new friends. 

— Lora Elizabeth Brothers

thumb_200684952 Love it 

— Mary Lee Baker

thumb_243944226 Loved our lunch today and that we talked about how we are going to make this group even better. Can't wait 

— Sandy Sousa 602-697-6174

thumb_182063952 I would highly recommend this group. As a matter of fact, I joined up! 

— Marian

thumb_203644692 Very inspiring! 

— Judy Alto

thumb_208341412 Great! 

— Cindy

thumb_154019992 terrific!! 

— HeatherKay

thumb_226040772 I’m new, but so far, so good! 

— April

thumb_210184582 We have amazing women in this fabulous group… 

— Tammy Springsteen

thumb_243116384.jpeg Patty had some great information to share and the meditation at the end was awesome! Thanks Again Patty! 

— Danielle Spears

thumb_154853812 Nice 

— Kim Rezek

thumb_142053412 Wonderful! Glad I found this group on Meetup.com! 

— Helene

thumb_139850832 Great Group of Ladies:) 

— Tammy

thumb_142147302 Wonderful group! Looking forward to more events and getting to know these ladies better. 

— Janet Berry Johnson

thumb_38242612 I so enjoyed meeting new friends and am looking forward to being an active member. 

— Cathy Stuart, WV

thumb_28856532 Thanks Heather 

— Jane Borman

thumb_245590108 Rocks Rocks Rocks 

— Angel Marie Shines

thumb_49340292 I would love to attend several more meetups 


thumb_57726622 Love Girlfriends Galore! This is an amazing group of girls that want to have fun and help each other achieve whatever goals they have set. This is a great social networking group for biz and fun! 

— Natalie Schade

thumb_31109932 a very fun group! 

— terry

thumb_93501002 Love! 

— Kim Kendall

thumb_28865822 Friendly bunch of gals. Will enjoy other events they have planned. 

— Spongie Jensen

thumb_7729313 Great women! Fun! 

— Renee