Heather Lundervold, CEO/Founder

Who would have ever guessed that a desire for more girlfriend time would turn into an international women’s group!   In August 2010, Heather Lundervold the CEO and Founder of Girlfriends Galore, decided she needed more girlfriend time.  Through her years of networking, owning a successful flower shop for 9 years, a director for Business Network International and an avid horse rider, she had met so many amazing and successful women.  With everyone so busy, Heather realized she needed more time with her girlfriends.  After hearing “It’s been so long…we have to get together,” so many times, she decided to create a monthly event she could invite all her girlfriends to for girl time and fun.

At first, the girls would get together once a month for “Girls Night Out.”  It worked out perfectly!  She was able to see her close friends more often and when they arrived at the events, she discovered many of her friends were actually friends with each other as well.  It’s such a small world! As a result: long, lost friendships were rekindled and new friendships began.   The monthly events were held for 1 year and became so successful, Heather decided it was time to expand and offer something great to the community. She started inviting all women looking for fun, friendship and ta-daaa! Girlfriends Galore was born!

Heather realized, “As a woman, it is always a challenge to stay connected and meet new friends. We are busy with kids, work, family etc. Our friendships and relationships are important to nourish, just like our families. We need girlfriends we can lean on and also escape together on occasion for a little fun. Now we have a way!”